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Event Extras

When organising an exhibition or event, there are various extras that are required or can be included to
make it a real success.

At Dalesgate we can offer everything from a chair and table set right through to a fully seated conference
room. Whether you need furniture for your individual exhibition stand or for the whole exhibition, we can
cater to your every need.

We provide a range of furniture styles to suit your company or event image.
Below are just some examples of what we can offer to your event. 

Exhibition furniture

Furniture for exhibition displays

Exhibition display stands and cabinets.


Any type of extra that you could possibly need for your event, we can supply. 

Custom exhibition stand design made to look like a circus.
Here is an exhibitor pavilion styled as a circus top - the centrepiece of the


Poster boards for your exhibition

Poster Boards - display your exhibitor or event posters. Can also be used for
mailing lists.
Also see >Event Walling


Custom exhibition stand design with TV lounge

TV Lounge - a separate area away from an exhibition and/or conference
where exhibitiors can relax and watch re-runs of the day's conference.
Custom exhibition stand design with bar
Bar - a great focal point at any kind of event.


Furniture for Catwalk Displays

Catwalk and Staging - we can provide basic staging to be used as a platform
or fully finished staging, as shown below.


Temporary Cyber Cafe for exhibitions

Cyber cafe - a great area for people to keep up-to-date at your event.
Information points for your exhibition / event
Registration Desks/Information Points - great for events that require ticket entry, badge collection or simply a point of information.
Bespoke desk designed and manufactured to your requirements for your exhibition display or event
Bespoke Desk - designed and manufactured to meet your requirements. 

Example here is an 'Information Bag' collection point/desk.
We can also provide an array of graphics and signage to promote your

exhibition, event or show. 

This can range from Lamppost Banners, Flags, Window Graphics, Step

Signage, You Are Here Plans, Indoor Banners and Exhibition Stand



Exhibition stand design
Exhibition Stand Graphics and Banner


Window graphics for events and exhibition displays

Window Graphics


Step signage for events

Step Signage


Lamp post signage attracts attention to your exhibition displays and events.

Lamppost Banner - attract attention and business to your event from the
surrounding area 


Slat walling for exhibition displays

Display and Shelving Units/Walling (below is an example of slat walling)


Exhibition stand display and storage units

Display and Storage Units


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